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Fall Cabins in Estes Park Colorado Area

As the leaves start to change and the world prepares to go into its winter season, you might want to make a change in your life as well by taking a fall trip. The cabins in Estes Park Colorado area by Mountain Village at Lake Estes will give you a front row seat to the nearby natural landscape’s changes.

Fall Colors

One of the simplest beauties Estes Mountain Lodge in Estes Park, CO has to offer is the change of colors that come with the season’s change. Take a drive or a hike and watch as nature sheds its green hues for gold. The pleasure is especially amplified if you’re walking and able to really breathe in that brisk mountain air and hear the crispy crunch of fall beneath your feet. And if you decide to recapture childhood memories with a dive into a leaf pile, we promise not to tell anyone.


There are thousands of elk living in the area, and you’re quite likely to see them in the fall as they’re out and about for the elks’ mating season. You may even catch the sound of a bull elk bugling as dusk falls, trying to intimidate the competition. Look for elk in the early morning or evenings – you’ll find them all over the Rocky Mountain National Park and even commonly seen within steps of your cabin. Always keep in mind that these animals are wild and give them space if you encounter them.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Fall is one of the better times of the year to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, as the summer crowds start to drop off. Weekends are still plenty busy, though, so be advised that if you’re heading up on a weekend and arriving between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. you’re likely to encounter a small line and moderately full parking lots. The park is significantly less busy on weekdays, though, so if you can stop by during the week. Most visitors also arrive through the park’s east entrances, so an approach from the west is a strategic way to simplify your trip.

And another way to cut down on traffic and parking hassles is by taking the park’s shuttle. Shuttle services to and from Estes Mountain Lodge in Estes Park, CO run to and within the park starting on May 25 and stopping on October 20.

Have a Nice Trip, See Us Next Fall

We at Mountain Village at Lake Estes are here to help for your next fall trip. Our woodsy log cabins in Estes Park Colorado area offer the perfect cozy atmosphere to take in the changing fall landscape of the Rockies. Call us today or browse our website to get started planning your autumn retreat!