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Rock Cut Brewing Company

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Inside Estes Park, there is an impressive number of breweries and pubs in the diminutive town. In Estes Park, one could say that it definitely follows the pattern of other Colorado towns which purvey their passion for beer. The Rock Cut Brewing Company is a brewery that takes pride in every single step in producing beer, from the selection of yeast and hops to the systems used and ingredients added. Established in 2015, in just a few short years the owners and staff have garnered rave reviews for their beers as well as their tap room.

The Beers

Rock Cut Brewing Company has twelve taps behind the bar which serve several different styles of beer. The house pilsner entitled Enos Pils uses Saaz and Citra hops to create a citrusy, heady beer with an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 5.6%. The Clara Belle features the not often seen beer style known as grisette which is similar to a saison. If you have never seen these styles of beer before, don’t worry; the barkeeps will happily extol the virtues of these celebrated Belgian-beer styles! The Tyndal Porter and Galactic Portal are a porter and IPA respectively, but both have an ABV of 5.5%. The Mummy Kill is the beast out of the group; this strong ale packs a wallop at an ABV of 7%.

Additional Beers

The excellence of this brewery is the fact that it often has the freedom to experiment, much to the delight of locals and tourists alike. For example, the Cucumber Crusher presents a light lager with the refreshing taste of this watery vegetable. It is perfect for those summer days and light enough to be considered truly light at an ABV of 3.5%. The American Wheat beer called Stonecrop Wheat is an exemplary version of this popular North American style. Another IPA makes an appearance; however, the Interference IPA is more of a session beer with a perfect ABV of 5.5%. The Sour Belle is the cousin to the aforementioned Clara Belle, but the former exudes more of a sour, tart flavor. The Alluvial Elixir is an innovative take on a pale sour style, as the beer is aged in an oak barrel for more than eight months. The Elkins Old Fashioned is also barrel-aged in a whiskey barrel, and it presents a brown ale with flavors reminiscent of cherry and orange.

Visit Any Time of Year

Whether you are here in the summer or winter, the beer at Rock Cut Brewing Company is top notch. In addition to superb suds, the environment, the atmosphere and the friendly folks all convert this spot into one of the best in town.

Rentals for All Occasions!