As another date is marked off the calendars, you can feel the excitement that buzzes through the air the closer we get to the big holidays. Our small mountain village comes to life in these last months of the year, first offering the fiery beauty of autumn and near perfect weather before morphing into the serene peace of winter. But before the snow falls (generally) it is time to experience the fun that can be offered during the fall holidays, and for the purpose of this article, the spookiest time of the year, Halloween! As you munch on handfuls of candy corn, sip your pumpkin spice lattes, and revel in the cool perfection of another Colorado fall today, the only thing more wonderful than the holiday is choosing Mountain Village at Lake Estes for your seasonal accommodations. Our homes offer comfort, luxury, and style ALL seasons of the year, making them the perfect places to come home to after trick or treating, feeling thankful, or participating in a little Christmas cheer. This guide to all the fun you can have in Estes Park at Halloween will ensure that every minute of your stay is exciting and happy!

The Shining Ball 2021, October 23, The Stanley Hotel

If the name sounds familiar, it is probably because it was the inspiration behind the Overlook Hotel in the book and movie, The Shining, and as you might expect, most of the events we will discuss will take place behind in the ballroom of this elegant hotel! The Shining Ball is the first of the Halloween oriented events taking place in our mountain town, and although the ball itself takes place on October 23, there will be a pre-party held on Friday, October 22, and a Jazz Brunch on Sunday, October 24th, so plan on your weekend being taken up by all things Stanley! Costumes are recommended, with the most interesting winning accolades and fun prizes, so start planning your costume today! And who knows? Maybe the living won’t be the only guests taking part in the dance party ball; the Stanley is, after all, rumored to be haunted too!

The Historic Stanley Day Tour, October 29, All Day

This exciting tour that explores the history and the beauty of the Stanley Hotel is available all year long, but at Halloween it features an extra spooky ambience enjoyed by all who take part in the tour. Learn about the original owners and all the very important visitors who have stayed under its iconic red roof, including the famed horror writer, Stephen King! The tour takes you all throughout the hotel but does not include the guest rooms, as guests do deserve their privacy. The tour also includes a visit to the small pet cemetery where former owner’s pets were buried, perhaps leading to the idea behind Mr. King’s aptly named novel, Pet Cemetery!

Devotchka’s Halloween Black Tie Ball, October 29th and October 30th

Halloween with Devotchka has become a Stanley Hotel tradition, and this year they are offering two opportunities to take part in the fun! Offering live music, aerialists, stilt walkers, and a variety of circus style entertainment features, a Bloody Mary bar, and live DJs ensures that every minute of this Halloween happening is guaranteed to be ones you will never forget! Dress up in your party finest and be entertained as you never have before when you attend the Devotchka Halloween Ball with your favorite escort. Tickets are on sale now!

311 at the Stanley Hotel, October 31

311 is a popular band, playing a mix of alt rock, reggae, and funk metal, adding a kaleidoscope of music to the spookiest night of the year. Enjoy your favorite cocktails (What beverage goes best with funk metal?) and a rousing good time on a night you usually sit at home giving out candy to costumed kids! 2020 was the 30th anniversary of the group, but due to pandemic issues they didn’t really get to celebrate last year, so we are expecting a performance that will wow more than normal!

Not Everything Is About the Stanley

One of the most famous horror movies in Hollywood was made about this hotel, so it is only natural that most of the Halloween events will take place there, but if you don’t feel like going out, stay in and enjoying the comforts of our seasonal sanctuaries! Brew up a batch of Halloween themed cocktails in our fully equipped kitchens, turn on state-of-the-art televisions to the horror movie marathon that is practically guaranteed to be showing, and spend the evening feeling comfortable and welcomed. Reserve your favorite Mountain Village at Lake Estes home and discover that Halloween has become your new favorite holiday!