As you flip to the next month on the calendar you may be more than a little surprised that the year is more than half over and summer will be ending in just a few short weeks. Summer is one season that can never be long enough for us, enabling us to feel like a child once again and although it is almost time to act grown-up again, there is one more last hurrah before we close the door on the summer solstice for another year. We are, of course, talking about Labor Day weekend, that bonus long weekend that celebrates all the hard work we do as Americans by not allowing us to labor! This is a weekend for travel, barbecues, and new vacation experiences, and if your journey is pointing you in the direction of Estes Park and a stay in one of our Mountain Village at Lake Estes holiday hideaways, this guide to everything wonderful about Estes Park Labor Day weekend in the mountains will give you a sneak peek of what you can expect!

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Watch the Sun Rise over the Mountains

Generally, vacations are meant for sleeping in, but we think you will want to take at least one morning to witness the beauty of the sun rising over the mountains! Brew a pot of coffee, put on a sweater (it gets cool in the mountains in the mornings!), and step out onto the balcony of your home away from home to enjoy a show you will never forget. Sitting comfortably watching the sky turn from inky black to azure blue and all the shades of colors in between and you will know that THIS is a moment you will never forget! You can always head back to bed to catch a few more hours of sleep after “the show” or you can head on over to Mountain Home Café, 457 E Wonderview Ave Ste C-1, and fuel up for a day of fun and excitement in Estes Park! (Their biscuits and gravy could have come straight from your Southern memaw’s kitchen!)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 40th Anniversary, September 4-8, Historic Park Theater

Not your typical Labor Day celebration, but our Trekkie travelers are sure to get excited about the opportunity to see this classic movie on the big screen again! Yes, Star Trek II is 40 years old, but it still maintains the same appeal it offered during its initial foray into the theaters! The historic Park Theater has been an Estes Park landmark for over 100 years and the blend of old-world charm and futuristic battles on the big screen makes for an irresistible combination!

Shopping in Estes Park

If you don’t spend at least a few of your vacation hours dipping in and out of the local shops, can you REALLY call it a vacation? We don’t think so either, especially as the shops that the makeup of the Estes Park landscape is charming and filled with everything you never knew you needed! Pick up a few pairs of warm pajamas at the Lazy Moose, 140 E Elkhorn Avenue, or lose yourself in the wares found at the Gaslight Square Shops, 20 Moraine Avenue. Waterwheel Gift Corner offers an intense selection of souvenirs and gifts and the Old Fashioned Candy Store, 102 W Elkhorn Avenue, will certainly sweeten your disposition! Cabin Fever of Estes Park has excellent jewelry, art, and pottery that will brighten up that shelf back at your office, and Indigo of Estes Park is bound to have something beautiful you or your wife will not be able to resist! And no matter what stores you choose to visit during your weekend in paradise, chances are there will be some pretty decent Labor Day sales going on as well!

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Find your Happy Place with Family and Mountain Village at Lake Estes

Holidays are meant to be spent with family and our comfortable and luxurious homes and cabins are built to make everyone feel welcomed and at home. Sleep in late (every morning but the one you watch the sunset!) enjoy hearty breakfasts that you prepared yourself out on decks that overlook the mountains, and spend fun-filled evenings playing board games, gathered around the table with all those you love the most! Barbecues on the deck, late nights spent binge-watching old movies on large screen state-of-the-art televisions, and evenings spent submerged in the bubbling depths of a hot tub setting out under an open sky! Every minute of every day spent in Estes Park promises to be the best minutes; but only when you choose Mountain Village at Lake Estes for your vacation escape! Reserve your favorite space today and send summer off on a high note!