Now that the holidays are over, it is time to stop focusing on everyone you know and to start focusing on your favorite human! At Thanksgiving and Christmas, we tend to spread ourselves thin, dividing up the little parts of ourselves amongst the hundreds of people who have come into our lives over the years, and we often forget about the person in our life who makes our heart beat a little faster. On New Year’s we start to refocus, returning our attention to our life partner with a toast of bubbly and a hurried kiss at midnight, but as we move deeper into the winter months, we concentrate even more. Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, so why not take a long weekend and fall in love with the romance and enchantment that follows any Estes Park getaway, especially when enjoyed from the comfort of our Mountain Village at Lake Estes “honeymoon” hideaways! This guide to romantic activities in Estes Park will ensure neither of you miss a step while enjoying a magical Colorado vacation.

Four Hands Are Better than Two

There’s no wrong time for a good massage, and that goes for a couple’s massage when four hands are definitely better than two! Affinity Massage and Wellness Center, 312 E Elkhorn Avenue, offers their couple’s massage in a large room specifically designed to hold two massage tables. Choose from their list of services which includes Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, and a deep tissue massage guaranteed to loosen up the tightest of muscles and feel the romance of togetherness while still obtaining the services that suit your independent needs!

Savor a Sip or Two of Wine

Like a good relationship, wine grows better as it ages, and enjoying a wine tasting at Snowy Peaks Winery allows you to combine two great things! Located at 292 Moraine Avenue, you and your love can sip the best of our local wines in a heated tasting room, enjoying the ambience, the wine, and the company of your other half. Also offering a small menu of delicious foods prepared by local restaurants, you can sip, savor, and smile as the snow falls outside! If you discover a wine you can’t live without, you won’t have to fly back to Colorado to buy a bottle every time you run out; their online shop allows you to purchase what you love and have it shipped to your home. (There are restrictions, as some states do not permit the shipping of alcohol.)

The Surest Way to the Heart

Men and women both will agree that the quickest and surest way to the heart is through a good meal, and even as you have already captured each other’s, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a romantic meal together! Twin Owls Steakhouse at 3110 S Vrain Avenue Suite B offers the romance, style, and meals that will help you stay in love. Wednesday through Saturday your meals may be accompanied by the guitar stylings of local musicians, who perhaps may play your song as you devour your thick and juicy steaks. And because nothing is more romantic than sharing a dessert, be sure to save room for a sweet treat off their dessert menu; everything they feature is amazing, but we are entranced with their Chocolate Toffee Mousse Cake made with layers of chocolate mousse flavored with Kahlua, toffee candy, and a chocolate cookie crust!

Finish off the evening with a special showing of the Met Opera’s: Fire Shut Up In My Bones at the historic Park Theater, 130 Moraine Avenue, and your romantic night out on the town will be as close to perfect as it can be!

Stay in for the Night

Your winter visit will be many things, but first and foremost it will be cold! And on that romantic night when you just don’t want to face the snow and cold, staying in will be the most magical way to show your love. Our Mountain Village at Lake Estes love nests offer everything that will make your love shine brighter, including fireplaces for cuddling in front of, hot tubs for soaking in with a glass of wine from Snowy Peaks Winery, and fully equipped kitchens in which you can prepare a romantic meal that is sure to please. Share secrets and dreams as the snow falls outside the windows of our romantic hideaways, staying warm and cozy no matter how far the mercury has dropped. A box of chocolates purchased from Laura’s Fine Candies located at 129 E Elkhorn Avenue will sweeten the mood even further and bundling up before stepping out on the balcony or patio for a look at the night sky will keep you warm as long as you don’t stay out too long!

Romance is always the answer in our Mountain Village at Lake Estes vacation escapes—reserve your favorite today!