There’s a magic to life on the road. As children we dream about all the places we will go, as teens we imagine ourselves hitching across European countries and as young adults we see the road as our homes. And once we get past that pesky thing called work, we again, as new retirees may make our childhood dreams come true with the purchase of a traveling home on wheels, hitting the roads in search for adventure. In between, the family vacation becomes sort of a place holder, offering freedom and excitement for a week or two at a time and if your spring journey, no matter what stage of life you have reached, has you searching for a vacation destination that celebrates the roads less traveled, just remember. All roads lead to Estes Park Colorado and our comfortable, warm, and inviting Mountain Village at Lake Estes seasonal sanctuaries! This guide will ensure that you won’t miss out on a minute of the fun on your road trip to Colorado, behind the wheel, in town, or when you are lounging comfortably in our vacation escapes!

Ease the Kinks in Your Muscles

Road trips are great fun but after spending hours cramped inside the confines of your car, van, or SUV, chances are at least some of your muscles will begin to complain. Fortunately, the miracle workers at Elements of Touch Wellness Spa & River Retreat located at 477 Pine River Lane are here to rescue visitors from their misery! Offering a variety of services that range from massage to body treatments, they even feature a Mobile Massage Unit that will come to you, ensuring your beginning minutes in Estes Park are ones you will happily remember forevermore!

Shop till You Drop

One of the many wonderful things about a road trip is the realization that you don’t have to limit your shopping due to Airline restrictions or room in your luggage; there’s always room for one more gift so go ahead and pack up that car like the Tetris game of your youth! Mountain Blown Glass, located at 101 W Elkhorn Avenue, offers treasures AND a show as you watch the delicate and colorful knickknacks you are holding in your hand be created by talented artisans! The Old Church Shops, 157 W Elkhorn Avenue, feature a variety of shops and restaurants, all located inside the stone walls of what was once a local church, including a tattoo spot where you can get a celebratory reminder of your spring road trip to Estes Park. The Trading Post of the Rockies, 450 Moraine Avenue is your souvenir extravaganza stopping place, featuring everything from Native American Artwork to hand tooled Saddles. (although the saddles may be a little more difficult to find room for in your SUV, we think you can do it!)

A Peek into the Past

In the mountains, there is a very good chance that snow is still falling in the spring and on the coldest days, you may want to bring the fun inside, so why not combine a learning opportunity while trying to stay warm? The Estes Park Museum, 200 4th Street, is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 AM until 4 PM and is filled with artifacts and treasures that bring the history of Estes Park alive. There are outside exhibits, including the Historic Fall River Hydroplant and the Birch Ruins and Cabin, but coming back inside to the warmth of the main space after exploration will be a welcome part of your museum adventure!

Bigfoot Days, April 1st & 2nd in Bond Park

In 2021 Bigfoot Days were cancelled much to our chagrin, but they seem to be back on again this year and we couldn’t be happier! Taking place over 2 days, starting at 6 PM on April 1st, this festival offers all your favorites, including live entertainment and tasty food, but it’s the Bigfoot Themed Dinner and the opportunity to meet and discuss the mythical (?) character with experts in the field of Big Foot-ology! (Ok, they prefer Sasquatch researchers, but we like Big Foot-ology!)

Experience the Rocky Mountains

As the snow begins to melt from their mountain peaks and the wildlife that have been hunkered down during the cold season begin to venture out once more, a hike, or even a drive through the Rocky Mountains promises to be the adventure you will never forget. Water begins to tumble over the rocks again, creating majestic waterfalls that are glorious to observe, and the first of the baby animals appear. Spring weather can still be harsh and cold in the early months but the closer you get to summer, the more you will appreciate and fall in love with the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park as it brims with the promise of the new season!

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