As you start planning your Estes Park vacation, your list of activities you want to try, places you want to see, and events you are curious about seems to be growing by the minute. There is a lot to do in this beautiful part of Colorado, no matter what the season, and we can promise that every minute of every day will be filled with fun adventures you will never forget. Although we don’t want to overwhelm you, there is one activity we think you will be thrilled to add to your list: a visit to the Mustang Mountain Coaster, where you will experience the ride of your life! This guide to the most unique coaster you have ever ridden may not change your life, but it will definitely enhance your Estes Park getaway, especially when you pair it with a stay in one of our Mountain Village at Lake Estes vacation escapes!

Located at 1180 Dry Gulch Road in Estes Park

Open Monday through Sunday from 9 AM until 5 PM during the summer and fall season (hours will change in the winter, but they haven’t announced what the changes will be as of this writing), the Mustang Mountain Coaster is Estes Park’s newest and already most loved attraction, and even though the Grand Opening was held just months ago, we anticipate that this cool coaster is guaranteed to be your new favorite thing to do! Also known as an alpine coaster, there are only 37 of these unique attractions in all of the United States, and the Mustang Mountain Coaster is the only one close enough to your comfortable Estes Park vacation escape! Get up early on a quiet Tuesday morning, grab a hearty breakfast from the Egg of Estes, located at 393 E Elkhorn Avenue, and prepare for a morning filled with fun. On second thought, you might want to eat light in preparation for the dips, drops, twists, and turns that are the signature of this 2000-foot-long mountain thriller. Fortunately, the Egg of Estes is open for lunch too, so you will just be delaying your breakfast craving a little bit longer, as it is served all day!

The Ride of Your Life

Now we have discussed the length of this thrilling structure, we have mentioned the dips and the drops, the twists and the turns, but you may be wondering, what IS a mountain coaster? Well, unlike its counterpart, the roller coaster, the only mechanics involved (beyond engineering concepts) are the initial stages when the conveyor chugs along, bringing you up the slope that will take you to the first drop. Just as in roller coasters, however, you have that moment at the top of that first hill where you feel as if you are on top of the world, and in Colorado, what a world it is! The sun shining brightly down on you, the clear blue skies, and as far as the eye can see a landscape of trees, mountains, and off in the distance, small communities of cozy homes, await you on this one-of-a-kind ride.

Another difference between a mountain coaster and the roller coaster is the cart in which you will be seated. Perched almost directly on the track, you sit with your legs in front of you, alone or with just one other person who will sit crouched between your legs in front of you (a combined weight of 350 pounds is the maximum allowed). Gravity is what takes over now, and you are in control of the speeds that can get up to 30 miles per hour; ride wild and feel the wind in your face and the exhilaration of the ride, keep tight hold of the hand brakes and enjoy a leisurely trip through the wilderness, or partake in a combination of the two. You are the captain of this voyage and as long as you follow the Mustang Mountain Coaster rules, this adventure will change the way you look at coasters forevermore!

The end of the ride may come too soon, but because you purchased one of their three ride passes, you still have two more adventures in front of you; passes can be purchased for single, double, or triple rides (or a kids’ all-day pass for 3- to 7-year-olds who will be riding with the adults) with each pass being meant for a single person! Riders must be at least 3 years old and 38 inches to ride with an adult or at least 56 inches tall to ride alone.

Adventures at Home

The Mustang Mountain Coaster is destined to be the adventure you will love the most during your Estes Lakes getaway, only topped by the quieter, softer adventures you will experience in our Mountain Village at Lake Estes seasonal sanctuaries. Reserve yours today!