Estes Park, Colorado is a captivating destination for travelers to enjoy year-round. If you happen to be a visitor with a passion for capturing beautiful moments on camera, there are plenty to be found during your stay. The following are just a few of the most photographable places to visit in Estes Park that you’re going to want to be sure to make time for.

Frame the View at Lake Estes

Many travelers who made their way to Estes Park in the name of outdoor adventure find Lake Estes a place where it’s easy to linger longer than they originally planned. This is with good reason! Here, adventurers can enjoy everything from paddleboarding at their very own pace to heading out in a boat and making the most of fishing fun too. It’s a popular summertime gathering destination in the area for picnics with family and friends and it also hosts a four-mile walking path around the perimeter that offers up great views over the water. Whether you’re one for jogging, birding, or strolling, Lake Estes is a great place to land for the day and if you happen to be in this area in the autumn, you’ll find nearby terrain is a gathering place for elk as well. All in all, it offers a picture-perfect place to grab the camera and capture the view. This is true whether your focus is on portraits or you’re a photographer with a passion for framing lovely landscapes.

Capture the Moment at the Knoll Willows Open Space

When you’re looking for wide-open and scenic spaces to photograph others or capture the best the landscape has to offer, Knoll Willows Open Space ticks every box on the list. Here, photographers will find no less than 20 acres of land to explore when it comes time to find just the right angle and shot. The area is known for its diverse lineup of wildlife, amazing views, and a trail that loops near downtown Estes Park for a new vantage point over the city. Panoramic views of the historic Birch Ruins and Rocky Mountain National Park are available to photographers from this location too. It’s a perfect place to pair hiking fun with great photography experiences as well.

Check Out the Kruger Rock Trail

Located within the Hermit Park Open Space, Kruger Rock Trail is a must for those heading to Estes Park looking to visit the most photographable places around. Here, you’ll find a four-mile loop that leads directly to the summit of Kruger Rock. The effort to get there with a camera in hand will be worth your while as the top of Kruger Rock features breathtaking views that encompass the Continental Divide, Longs Peak and Mount Meeker alike. Photographers would be wise to head this way around sunrise for a colorful take on their framing over Estes Park.

Make Time to Visit Mary’s Lake

If you’re looking for a photographable spot in Estes Park that’s minimal on crowds, Mary’s Lake is the place to be. Far less frequented than its counterpart Lake Estes, Mary’s Lake has just as much to offer in the way of amazing scenery. Those who come this way do so in the name of boating, biking, and fishing in the warm weather months. There’s a marina on-site that makes for a great place to rent a vessel and take your photos from a vantage point on the water. It’s also a great place to capture sunrise photographs that infuse the lake’s reflection into the image.

Enjoy Photographing the Best Views of Rocky Mountain National Park

An Estes Park getaway puts you within easy reach of stunning photography opportunities across Rocky Mountain National Park. This is one of the most photographed national parks in America for many reasons. Whether you drive through, hike, or bike, you’ll find a plethora of dynamic landscapes waiting to be captured on camera as well as views of wildlife that are truly one-of-a-kind. Moraine Park is a perfect place to set your photography sights when you’re looking for an idyllic combination of valleys, evergreen forests, and mountains. If it’s lake views you’re after, Emerald Lake and Bear Lake are both certainly worth visiting! Lily Lake is another must-visit destination for watery backgrounds complete with aerial landscape views from varying vantage points to explore.

Don’t Forget the Welcome Sign

It’s so obvious it might just be easy to overlook when it comes to capturing your vacation moments on camera, but it shouldn’t be! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grab a great photo at the Estes Park welcome sign while you’re in town. It’s an iconic shot complete with towering mountains in the background that promises to capture the moment flawlessly.

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