Travelers who are excited to spend time somewhere versatile, inviting, and endlessly scenic will find everything they’re looking for and more in Estes Park, Colorado. Known and loved as a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park is brimming over with opportunities for fun and adventure that bring visitors back year after year. From its fun downtown shopping and dining to the amazing breweries and of course, access to the slopes in the winter, it’s an oasis of entertainment for visitors from across the map. That said, Estes Park promises to prove just as delightful for those who already call Colorado home. For these visitors, sometimes a little staycation can go a long way toward restoring a sense of balance in mind, body, and spirit. If you find you could use some time focused on rest, relaxation, and fun with incredible views to match, skip the long-distance trip and enjoy the best staycation in Colorado in Estes Park instead!

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Pack in the Fun Year-Round No Matter How Long You Have to Spare

When you need a break from the daily routine but you don’t have a lot of time to spare, an Estes Park staycation for Colorado residents is always a good idea. When maximizing the fun in a limited amount of hours is a priority, booking a staycation somewhere as scenic and welcoming as Estes Park means not a minute will be wasted on travel. Instead, staycationers find themselves immediately in the heart of opportunity without any responsibilities or work demands hindering their options. Making the most of the experience is simple and spending less time traveling to your destination means more time focused on quality experiences in Estes Park. Because Estes Park is an all-seasons vacation destination, those enjoying a staycation here never have to stress about leaving something off the itinerary. Instead, what would typically be a packed long-distance trip becomes a fun and leisurely staycation with options to return to get to other activities and events whenever you choose!

A staycation also makes it simple for Colorado residents to savor the moment and the views. It’s easy to overlook those vistas and delicious opportunities that are always within reach when you’re committed to a daily work and life schedule. A staycation to Estes Park means slowing things down in a stress-free style and taking a moment to just take it all in. Consider a simple ride up the Estes Park Tramway. Not only does this provide incredible views of Prospect Mountain and the surrounding valley, but it’s likely an activity that locals might not regularly consider participating in! A staycation also gives you the chance to make the most of slow travel season opportunities and enjoy browsing downtown shops without having crowds to contend with. Great views can also be enjoyed at the Estes Park Memorial Observatory. Follow up the fun by heading out to some of Estes Park’s best breweries that you’ve always wanted to try but just never had time to savor.

Leave Airport Stress Far Behind

For many travelers, airport stress is a big deterrent. Fortunately, those who live in Colorado and book a staycation in Estes Park instead can leave any and all airport hassle far behind while simply focusing on the fun ahead. Not having to get to the airport hours in advance of a getaway experience frees up the itinerary for more enjoyable activities. Those who choose a staycation here won’t have to worry about checking luggage, delayed flights, and of course, there’s no jet lag included! Instead of a frantic rush to the gate, staycationers in Estes Park can enjoy vacationing in Colorado at their very own, preferred pace.

Add a Luxury Stay to the Lineup for Added Fun!

While those who live in Colorado and are looking forward to a staycation in Estes Park won’t have to travel far to find their destination, there’s always an option to elevate the experience further by booking luxurious accommodations. That’s where Mountain Village at Lake Estes comes in. Our vacation rentals are just as well suited to those heading here from across the globe as they are those who only live minutes away. Booking luxurious accommodations through us can make Estes Park seem like a brand new experience with every reservation—especially when your home away from home includes fun extras like hot tubs and fireplaces or extra-large master suites and full kitchens included. From property options with specific mountain views to those with easy ski access, booking through us takes a staycation here to the next level of excellence.

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When you’re ready to set aside the schedule and make the most of a staycation instead, Estes Park is the place to do exactly that and Mountain Village at Lake Estes keeps you near those places you’re ready to finally enjoy to the fullest! Reach out today to learn more about our inviting options and to start planning your next, unforgettable staycation adventure.