Winter comes early in Estes Park, but the serene days of the season that leads up to our cold winter months will offer up the most amazing vacation experience of your life! Explore the magic of Colorado in the fall, playing outside as much as possible, and then come home every night of your stay to the seasonal sanctuaries we at Mountain Village at Lake Estes provide and enjoy an adventure you will never want to end. This guide to the fun of fall and all the exciting activities in Estes Park you can enjoy during your stay will offer a sneak peek into the wonderful possibilities that can be found in our mountain homes!

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Wild Times

The beauty of fall in Lake Estes is all around you and when you get in the thick of it, perhaps as you hike along the trails that traverse the region, you will walk on the wild side! Fall is mating season for Elk and the beautiful weather also brings the deer, moose, and other wildlife out to play! We advise keeping your distance and fortunately, the telescopic lenses on cameras and phones allow you to take crystal clear pics even as you stay a safe distance away. Grab a cup of joe from Kind Coffee and check out the grassy area by the river that runs by and you will probably see your fill of these majestic animals and get to enjoy your caffeine fix as you do!

The Colors of Fall

This really is the best season to visit Lake Estes and if you really want to experience it in its finest moments, rise with the sun for at least one day of your stay. Wrap yourself in something warm (early mornings can be cold) grab a cup of coffee and head out to where you can see the eastern horizon and be prepared for an event that will change your life! The sun rises slowly at first, the sky turning from inky black to gray with streaks of pink, and then it happens. The sky comes alive in a blaze of fiery orange, pink, and purple, while the dawning sun beams a spotlight on the trees that are dressed in their own fiery hues! These moments of peace and quiet will be your favorite moments of your getaway and if you are still feeling sleepy after that show, well, you can always climb back underneath the covers where it is warm and cozy and sink back into the sweet oblivion of sleep!

Up Close and Personal

The cool weather of fall is always such a relief after the scorching heat of summer and getting outside and playing is something visitors and residents will want to do as much as possible. Hiking through the trees that surround the lakes, feeling mountain breezes kiss your cheeks as your muscles loosen and carry you easily along the trail. Listening to the mating calls of deer off in the distance, laughing when a fish jumps out of the lake and startles you, and feeling entirely in the moment; the coolness of the day will let you continue the fun late into the afternoon, as long as your water supply holds out!

The 9th Annual Pumpkins & Pilsners Festival, October 8 at Bond Park

Fall festivals are for families and this special one offers something for everyone. Help your kiddo pick out the perfect pumpkin, play games, and ride the ponies as you listen to live music and sip your favorite beer! Rumor has it there will be some mighty fine pumpkin porters making an appearance, enhancing the joy of a fall festival that will be the highlight of your trip! Admission is free, but the money earned from purchasing food and drink and some of the activities goes to the schools of Estes Park, making this fun adventure a worthy investment as well!

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Fall Fun in your Seasonal Sanctuary

The happiest moments, the ones that will create the best memories, will take place in the comfortable surroundings of our Mountain Village at Lake Estes seasonal sanctuaries. Build a fire in the fireplace when the temperatures drop from chilly to frosty, turn the state-of-the-art televisions to your favorite horror movie, and relax in comfort and warmth as tree branches swaying in the fall breezes lightly scratch at the windows. A big bowl of Chili created in our fully equipped kitchens will warm guests from the inside out, especially when accompanied by a cup of hot cocoa; make yours Irish if you like and feel the Irish bring heat to your cheeks! Nights will be filled with the best sleep you have experienced in years and only happy dreams will be experienced! Reserve your favorite fall escape today and wake up every day feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready for a new day of autumn adventures in paradise!