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Elkins Distilling

Colorado is one of those states where adults can expect to find craft adult beverages in all formats. Some individuals may head to Denver for the growing craft beer scene. Others might be looking for something simpler—a glass of bourbon to enjoy the incredible weather. Estes Park is home to Elkins Distilling, a local craft distillery that focuses on quality ingredients and incredible spirits. If you are looking for somewhere that uses local ingredients for a premium product, look no further than Elkins.

Quality Whiskey

Elkins Distilling got started in the distilling business by created their original corn whiskey. This incredible whiskey was instantly a hit and has now become the base for all spirits made at Elkins. What makes Elkins’ spirits so much better is the all-Colorado-grown grain bill that consists of corn and malted barley. The open fermentation takes place at 7,522 feet of elevation with the pure waters from Rocky Mountain National Park. Enjoy this incredible whiskey neat on its own or have the tasting room create a unique cocktail. The corn whiskey is so good that it won a silver medal in 2016 at the Denver International Spirits Competition.

Additional Spirits to Enjoy

Make sure to also try the Colorado Whiskey, a unique blend of the corn whiskey that has matured on oak cubes and staves. New and used oak is used for a unique flavor profile. You will be happy to know this whiskey also took home a silver medal in 2016 from the same competition. Last but certainly not least is the Elkins Apple. This unique spirit is a blend of the whiskey base, freshly pressed organic cider, and sugar and spice. Expect liquid comfort that is not too sweet and has the same profile as the whiskey.

Visit the Tasting Room

You can enjoy these fine spirits at Elkins when you stop by one of their two tasting rooms. The main distillery and tasting room can be found at 1825 N. Lake Ave. An additional tasting room can be found on 137 E Elkhorn Ave. Both locations are open daily.

More to See and Drink in Estes Park

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