Sometimes, nothing is more fun or refreshing than a girls’ trip with your best friends. When you’re ready to get out of town and enjoy something new and exciting alongside your favorite people, a trip to Estes Park is the perfect option! Whether you’re hoping to relax, explore the great outdoors, or shop your way through a stay, Estes Park has it all to offer.

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Infuse a Spa Day into Your Girls’ Getaway

Spending time with your friends for a girls’ trip to Estes Park is always a treat and when you could all use some time focusing on rest and relaxation, fitting a spa day or two into the itinerary is a great place to start. Estes Park is packed with options for restorative pampering and the spas here come with the added benefit of being surrounded by stunning scenery. A spa day is a sensational way to get centered and Zen when your girls’ trip could use a little time focused on mind, body, and soul rejuvenation. A few of the top spa destinations in the area to consider include The Qi Lounge Wellness Spa at 1700 Colorado Peaks Drive, Affinity Massage & Wellness Center at 312 E. Elkhorn, and Elements of Touch Wellness Spa at 477 Pine River Lane. Hands Down Best in Town Therapeutic Massage is another great option headquartered at 250 Moraine Avenue. Each of these spa options offers up a unique aesthetic for guests to enjoy, but the services provided are always sure to inspire. Guests can enjoy everything from specialized massages and wraps to exfoliating skincare, facials, and hot stone therapies too. Whether you’re in the mood for a seaweed wrap or a green tea glow skin treatment, you’ll find the spa options in Estes Park check every box on the list.

Spend Quality Time Shopping

When a little retail therapy would go a long way toward the overall fun of your girls’ trip, Estes Park is happy to deliver. Here, visitors will find a plethora of stores and boutique shops to explore hosting everything from apparel and home goods to outdoor recreation equipment, souvenirs, and crafts to name a few of many. Downtown Estes Park is a popular place to set your shopping sights when you’re looking for an area that has eateries and galleries built into the mix as well. Looking to enjoy thrift shops, crystal stores, tea shops, chocolate shops, and more while you’re in town with your friends? Estes Park has them all!

Explore the Great Outdoors

A girls’ trip to Estes Park is the perfect time to incorporate plenty of outdoor exploration into the adventure. If you and your crew are the types that are ready to lace up their boots and hit the scenic trails in style, Estes Park is packed with potential for fun. Known and loved as the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, those who are excited to adventure through the great outdoors will find there’s no shortage of trails or outdoor recreational activities to access. From trails that lead to alpine lakes to those that include waterfalls along the way, the opportunities to savor the sights are truly incredible. Don’t miss out on a chance to explore the visitor’s center at the top of Trail Ridge Road where you can admire the exhibits and displays or sign up for a guided hiking experience. A trek to Alberta Falls is always fantastic while summiting Mount Lady Washington is a feat that’s a must-try for those who are experienced and looking for a challenge.

Try a Stanley Hotel Spirit Tour

Notorious for its role as Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining, the Stanley Hotel is a must-visit when your girls’ trip could use a little otherworldly wonder included. The hotel is fascinating on its own, but they also offer a walking tour through this more than a 100-year-old hotel at night focused on spirit folklore and phenomena. Your guide will give you insight into the hotel’s past and some of the more incredible stories that are told here regularly regarding the paranormal! It’s a heart-pounding tour you won’t want to miss.

Dine at Ed’s Cantina

When margaritas and tacos would hit the spot after a day of fun, make sure your girls’ trip to Estes Park includes a meal at Ed’s Cantina. Located at 390 Elkhorn Avenue, this vibrant and welcoming eatery serves up savory Mexican bites in a setting that’s fun and friendly. While the traditional menu options are sure to be palate-pleasing, guests can also find a variety of vegan and gluten-free options to enjoy, making this a great dining stop for everyone in your crew.

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