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Why Choose to Take an Estes Park Summer Vacation?

HomeEstes Park AttractionsWhy Choose to Take an Estes Park Summer Vacation?

Estes Park is a majestic mountain destination popular for its scenic beauty and incredible outdoor adventure. It is a nature lover’s paradise complete with dense forest cover, water reservoirs, free-flowing rivers, and wildlife. After a hectic winter, you need experiences like these to keep you motivated. Not sure about Colorado as your holiday destination of choice this summer? Here are the key events that await you during an Estes Park summer vacation.

Rocky Mountain Hike

Rocky Mountain is the reason Estes Park is what it is today. It is this huge mountain that has you coming back to explore Colorado. With the surging heat of the summer, all the snow has melted, and the peaks are visible from the foot. Clear skies are a great indicator of the perfect day to hike up the Rocky Mountain. The journey to the top is fairly challenging but worth it. From climbing up those steep rocks to crossing the free-flowing rivers, there is a lot for you to document on a single hike. Best still, you will be interacting with wildlife as you aim for the peak. Such experiences make your summer holidays in Estes Park more interesting.

Lake Tours

Lake tours are the next form of adventure available for you to explore in Colorado. At the heart of your water experience in the town is Lake Estes. This lake makes up for the absence of a coastline in the town and the fun here is unlimited. This lake is a good spot for you to cool off the surging heat of the summer. Also, it is the best platform for your fishing endeavors. Nerve-jerking activities such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking are also available for you to explore.


When is the last time you spent time on a golf course? Most people just drive past them but hardly get there. A trip to Estes Park in the summer, however, gives you a chance to explore this elite sport. Golfing while on your Estes Park summer holiday doesn’t need you to be a pro. This game is easy to learn, and it won’t take long before you start hitting it like the professionals do. You may as well decide to watch from a distance and enjoy the serene environment around the golf course.

Horseback Riding

Hikes in Estes Park shouldn’t be necessarily done on foot. You can decide to ride a horse and still not compromise the experience. Horseback riding is a luxurious way of touring the vast mountainous area. Within Estes Park are designated trails allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while on the back of a horse.

Luxury Shopping

Luxury shopping is an underrated form of adventure you can’t afford to ignore when touring Estes Park. Downtown Estes Park is lined with historic shops most adopting unique architecture from back in the day. These shops are packed with high-end goods that you would expect to find in a vacation destination of its kind. Whether you came in for jewelry or other fashion items, you can count on this region to deliver. It is also the best marketplace to search for pieces of art for your home décor.

Local Brews

Estes Park has an interesting brewing culture that you would want to pursue while vacationing in the area. Instead of going for the usual beers, you can drive your way to a brewing company and enjoy your drink directly from the source. Most of these brews are paired with bitings of your choice and have a designated place where kids play as adults quench their thirst.

Rental Cabins that Complement Your Summer Experience

Rental homes in Estes Park are nothing like the ordinary. These are well-furnished cabins packaged with all the luxury you would need for your Estes Park summer vacation. These cabins feature a private jacuzzi where you go to spend your evenings after a long day in the mountains. Also, they are fitted with an indoor and outdoor fireplace place to keep you warm all night long. The cabin’s fully equipped kitchen means you are at liberty to explore whichever menu comes to mind. These cabins sit strategically in an area with restaurants and a spa parlor. The presence of a washer and dryer allows you the luxury to vacation in Colorado without compromising your fashion sense. With all these modern features, you have finally found a vacation rental that complements your holiday experience.

Book Your Estes Park Cabins

Holiday accommodation in Estes Park is defined by luxury. Instead of the usual rented homes, we have cabins featuring high-end amenities. These cabins will help you to embrace the natural world. Waking up to the sweet sound of birds and flowing rivers is a therapeutic experience not common in many holiday destinations. Also, we offer excellent customer service and help you to customize your rented cabin to meet your vacation goals. Need a cabin for your Estes Park summer experience? Contact us for more information.