When you come to Estes Park, you are almost assured to be amazed by the views you will be given the privilege of having every day of your visit, from the beautiful mountains standing tall above you like some sort of giant protector from lore to the twinkling lights of the buildings as the sun rests and the moon comes out to play. However, while this is all beautiful, there is truly no better way to experience the beauty of the Colorado mountains than at the locally owned and operated Dunraven.

The Building

Dunraven isn’t just a place to have picturesque views and delectable cuisine; the building itself is designed to truly make you truly feel at peace and more like you are resting at a friend’s home rather than a busy restaurant. With wooden interior, tall ceiling, and warm yet soft lighting, Dunraven truly matches the warm, cozy feelings that the town emanates and which draws crowds to the area. Further, you truly just might forget about your hunger when you sit down and gaze out across Lake Estes, with the mountains as her guardian. As well, should you find yourself coming for a celebration, whether it be a family reunion, a wedding, or just a rather large party, make sure you keep them in mind. Not only does the building comfort you with its wooden arms but it is also much larger than one might expect. Your large group will feel perfectly at home in the Tuscan Room, which is just as homey and comforting as the main dining area. This beautiful room can fit a total of 40 guests and is complete with large wooden dining tables, warm and inviting autumn colors, and is sure to add that special touch and atmosphere for which you had been searching. It truly is no wonder it has been featured in a variety of travel magazines including Trail Gazette, Thrillist, 5280 and more!

You might find yourself staring in wonder at the walls, decorated with literally thousands of dollar bills. This is an old tradition from the days when its doors were fresh and newly open. Since the first dollar was signed and placed on the wall, many others have followed suit; you too can add your own name and note upon the wall, ensuring your stay here is forever marked. If your curious what happens to the old, worn-out bills, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that they donate old bills to various charities. It is nice to know that not only does Dunraven put true care and thought into every meal and piece of decoration, but that their thought and pride stretches beyond the plate and walls and to the community who has made it what it is.

The Food…

Nobody can argue that the building is beautiful, the views exquisite, and the interior welcoming. However, all that pales once one lays their eyes upon their dish, which is as expertly presented as an artist displaying their statue. You’ll find here a wide range of classic dishes served at all times of the day, whether it be an early breakfast, a quick lunch, or an intimate dinner. However, no matter what, or when, you choose to visit, rest easily knowing that all their fish and seafood is fresh, and their steaks certified angus beef. As well, they understand that there are those who must be careful with that which they consume, thus they have a rather wide selection of gluten free options, ensuring that truly everyone can taste that which is Dunraven.

During the day you will find a range of scrumptious meals that range from those to start it all off such as a mouth-watering artichoke dip or a small plate of shrimp scampi. They even have local favorite such as fried pickles, but also those old and long loved ones such as buffalo wings. If you are craving the rich flavors of Italy, fear not, for they also offer everything from lasagna to spaghetti. If you find yourself eating earlier in the day, you will have a wide selection of tried-and-true breakfasts such as breakfast burritos—which you just may need to share considering the size of these monsters—chicken fried steak, or the classic favorite biscuits and gravy.

If you find yourself here for dinner, you will find an equally expansive menu featuring many of the favorites from lunch, but with added ones such as fresh sea scallops—which comes in both appetizer size and entrée—and crab cakes. You can also try some of their fish which have never known the inside of a freezer, or you can taste the buttery richness of lobster tail. You can of course try the classics from over the seas with baked ratatouille or enjoy their mushroom grand tortellini. Of course, they truly wouldn’t be a restaurant if they didn’t also offer a selection of drinks ranging from beer to full bodied wines to specialty cocktails. You’ll even find items that walk within the mysterious twilight zone of desert and beverage with their frozen cocktails. Make sure to taste the wonder flavors of Italian liqueur with a glass of their limoncello as well!

Experience the Best of Estes Park

As you can see, Dunraven offers more then just a place to rest your weary legs for a spell and is more than just somewhere to quickly silence one’s hunger. It has everything from food which will have you reading the menu with as much intensity as a good book to views which will have you sipping your drink, staring in wonder at the beauty that is nature. It’s no wonder the restaurant has created such a name in the town and even outside it. So, make sure you try Dunraven, and other equally enchanting places, by inquiring further with Mountain Village at Lake Estes at (970) 473-5735 or by booking your stay in Estes Park with us today!