Now that we have had recovery time from the big fall and winter holidays, we have also begun to look forward to Easter. Being with the family, celebrating in the ways that mean most to us, enjoying that Easter feast with all our fave dishes, and for many of us, hitting the road for a spring vacation. (Different from a spring break, as this type of travel involves families, young kids, and very often, lots and lots of chocolate!) And although we usually don’t get an extra week day off during our Easter travels, the opportunity to explore new places ensures that our holiday adventures are worth the use of a vacation week! If your spring journey brings you to Estes Park over Easter and to a stay in one of our Mountain Village at Lake Estes holiday hideaway, this guide to the holiday adventures you can enjoy during your Easter in Colorado will ensure this trip will be one you never forget!
Snow Days

Easter takes place rather late this year with April 17th being the big day, but there may still be areas where snow play can take place! Sporty families will enjoy an Easter cross country ski trip along the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. The cold air, beautiful views, and snow covered landscape never fails to impress and the opportunity to spend another holiday doing something the entire family enjoys will make this Easter stand out in your memories for years to come. (Snowball fights are NOT optional, so plan on some sneak attacks!)

Easter Egg Hunt

This next activity actually takes place from March 4th through April 22nd and is really geared more towards the adults in your traveling party! The Great Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Village at the Peaks in Longmont offers 60 painted eggs on the concrete waiting to be found, each one with a number painted on it. Your goal as an adult egg hunter is to find them all, if you can, take pictures of each egg and submit your pictures and a filled out entry form as directed here. The more eggs you find, the more impressive the prize with the first 3 winners finding all the eggs winning $1000!

Stock those Easter Baskets

It doesn’t mean you have to skip the Easter baskets just because you aren’t home for the holiday, especially if you plan a secret escape to the Old Fashion Candy Store in Estes Park! Happy cries of joy will echo through the halls of your holiday hideaway when the littles awaken on the morning of April 17th to find Easter Baskets crammed full of their favorite sweet treats, including, of course, the ever important Chocolate Easter Bunny! The Old Fashion Candy Store offers a delicious peek into the past, featuring heavy wood shelves topped with candies that have been popular throughout the decades and a charming vintage cash register that centers their display! Wood floors, a red painted ceiling, and jars and jars of candies make a visit to this charming store a necessity, even if you aren’t visiting during the Easter holiday!

Easter is for Feasters

Everyone celebrates Easter differently and some do not even celebrate it at all, but at the heart of the matter, pretty much everyone enjoys a delicious Easter meal! Many of the local restaurants in Estes Park will be open on Easter Sunday, serving their traditional menus or, in some cases, a special Easter brunch that will add to the beauty of the holiday! The Sunday Brunch menu at Bird & Jim’s doesn’t need to have Easter as its first name, as most of the dishes they serve feel like a holiday celebration at first bite! Their Deer Mountain Benny made with braised beef short ribs, Wolferman’s English muffins, two poached eggs, and a creamy béarnaise sauce promises to become your newest obsession, but everything on their menu will make you happy! In past years, Seasoned, an American Bistro has offered a delicious feast to go, allowing guests to enjoy all the tastes of the holiday with very little of the work that would be normal, and finally, our Mountain Village at Lake Estes holiday hideaways feature fully equipped kitchens that make all chefs happy to be back in the kitchen again!

More At Home Fun

With all there is to do in Estes Park, you and your family may be relieved to just have a day to stay home and relax and our seasonal sanctuaries allow you to do just that with style! Sipping Strawberry Champagne in front of a roaring fire, watching the sun set from the cozy warmth inside the property, even creating an Easter feast for all to enjoy. These moments make memories that last forever and can only be enjoyed in one of our Mountain Village at Lake Estes seasonal escapes; reserve your favorite today!