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Seasoned – An American Bistro

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Many restaurants throughout Colorado have an uncanny capability of harnessing the bounty of the state’s produce, livestock and artisan ingredients, thereby transforming their recipes into one-of-a-kind, exemplary dishes. At Seasoned – An American Bistro, the chefs in the kitchen have this same knack and know-how for converting seasonal ingredients into something special every night. Since the menu changes according to season, naturally guests will find something different throughout the week; however, the hospitality and impeccable service remains a constant.

On the Menu

The menu at the quaint Seasoned – An American Bistro presents a variety of snacks, small plates and bistro plates, one section just impressive as the next. To begin, try the Cheese Puffs; this mixture of local Grafton Village sharp cheddar cheese, parmesan, Manioc flour, cream, butter and eggs creates a decadent bite that is a far different than the processed snacks often found in a bag. One of the featured small plates would definitely have to be the Potted Trout, which is a Rocky Mountain rainbow trout spread served with cucumber, fried capers and a crispy, yet soft baguette. The bistro plates often rotate in and out of season, but some of the highlighted dishes that come out of the kitchen include items such as Smoked Tea Duck, New Bedford Scallops, and a dish called Three Sisters which is mad medley of vegetables. Accordingly, the staff as well as the menu itself always suggest a wine pairing with your dish. Moreover, any time of year guests visit this restaurant, they can rest assured they will find something novel and delectable.

Behind the Bar

Seasoned has a small, but well-curated selection of wines which also rotate accordingly throughout the year. The cooler always keeps a few bottles of bubbles, from Italian Proseccos to local bottles made in nearby Albuquerque, NM. Seasoned also has the real deal champagne from France. Some of the white wines include a selection with some not-often seen varietals such as Viognier, Pedro Ximenez and Albariño, just to name a few. The red wine selection contains much more familiarity, with varietals such as Malbec, Zinfandel, Syrah and Pinot Noir. The barkeeps also sling classic cocktails, whiskeys, cognacs and plenty of local beer.

Events at Seasoned

Additionally, Seasoned – An American Bistro hosts events throughout the year that pertain to food and wine. Past events have included whiskey and wine tastings, Halloween events, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, cooking workshops, etc. For more information, check their website for an updated calendar.