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Notchtop Bakery & Café

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Every town needs a good bakery, whether you are in a sprawling metropolis like New York City or a mini village with a population that barely exceeds several thousand like Estes Park. Fortunately, in Estes Park, the Notchtop Bakery & Café not only serves excellent baked goods, but it also provides a hearty breakfast and lunch as well. The owners and kitchen at Notchtop also focus on preparing and serving food made from scratch, with wholesome ingredients sans preservatives, GMOs, additives or high-fructose corn syrup.

Breakfast in Estes

When visiting Notchtop Bakery for breakfast, expect some interesting takes on the traditional American breakfast. For example, the Polish Breakfast comes with two eggs any style, Polish sausage and platkes, potato latkes served with sour cream. The Rocky Mountain Trout & Eggs features Estes Park’s ubiquitous fish. The Hash & Eggs section of the menu is offered for those who truly have a hearty appetite since the dishes are filled with potatoes, eggs, steak, corned beef, cheese, tortillas, vegetables and everything else imaginable from the kitchen. The omelets and scrambles are just as diverse, with several versions of eggs in all their glory.

Eggs Benedict in Estes Park – Notchtop Bakery

The Eggs Benedict section is where things get really interesting. The kitchen presents several types which include: a Green Mountain Benedict made with corned beef and chipotle hollandaise, Smoked Salmon Benedict, the Twin Sisters Benedict made especially for vegetarians, a Sundance Mountain Benedict which uses turkey and provolone to great effect, and ultimately a superb masterpiece known as the Dragon’s Egg Rock Benedict. This breakfast behemoth creates a layer of two green chili pancakes topped with chorizo, black beans, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese and two poached eggs. Both cakes and eggs are finally covered in a well-spiced chipotle hollandaise sauce.

Lunchtime Favorites

When the afternoon rolls around, the menu changes over into hearty sandwich and burger options with a couple of wild card wraps and pita bread items in there for good measure. Naturally, the kitchen at Notchtop Bakery marches to the beat of its own drum, with options such as the Hawaiian Fire Roasted Burger, Elk Cheeseburger, and an artery clogging Bacon & Egg Cheeseburger, the chefs defy tradition and serve what the people love. Moreover, the wrap and pita selections are a bit healthier, try the falafel or crunch veggie wrap for more heart healthy options or the gyro pita sandwich and turkey wrap for more omnivorous eaters.