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Elkins Distilling Co.

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Sometimes when you want a drink, you crave something stronger than just your typical wine or beer. Sometimes when you want a drink, what you want is a good whiskey. And Estes Park’s Elkins Distilling Co. is here to provide you with some of the finest crafted whiskey you’ll ever find, distilled and bottled right here in the Rocky Mountains.

History of the Elkins Distilling Co.

There’s a long tradition of whiskey distilling in the Rocky Mountains, going back hundreds of years. And as Estes Park’s first legal distillery, Elkins Distilling upholds that tradition. The distillery first opened its doors on July 4, 2016, after a couple of years spent chasing a distilled spirits manufacturing permit.

Meet the Whiskies

Elkins Distilling Co.’s first whiskey was its corn whiskey, which was smooth and savory enough to earn a silver medal at the 2016 Denver International Spirits Competition. It is good on its own but also works well as a base for home experimentation. Then there’s the Colorado whiskey, which is made with oak cubes and staves rather than the traditional barrel for a taste unmatched in most young whiskeys, lacking much of the roughness of youth. And perfect for the fall season is the Elkins Apple whiskey, with the Estes Park distillery’s white whiskey mixed with fresh apple cider and infused with sugar and spice. Sweet, but with a core of pure whiskey.

There are also soft drinks available for those who are underage or are acting as the designated driver.


Grab yourself a commemorative T-shirt, hat, flask, or glass to remember your visit with, or take one home as a gift for a loved one. And if you want to splurge, get the barrel-your-own-bourbon kit for $85. And don’t forget to buy yourself a whiskey for the road as well!

Location and Hours

The Estes Park distillery stands at 1825 N. Lake Avenue, across the street of Lake Estes. You can’t miss the storefront’s large, bold lettering! It’s tasting room’s hours run from noon to 9 p.m. on Sundays through to Wednesdays and from noon to 10 p.m. on Thursdays through to Saturdays.

Sip a Whiskey in the Comfort of Your Cabin

Be sure to take a bottle of whiskey back to your cabin so you can unwind in taste and comfort after a day spent exploring the mountains and lakeside scenery around you. Contact us at Mountain Village at Lake Estes today to get starting on booking a luxurious cabin hideaway.

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