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Antonio’s Real New York Pizza

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You don’t have to go all the way to New York to find genuine New York pizza. You can find it right here in Estes Park, at Antonio’s Real New York Pizza. Antonio and his family moved here from New York in 2006. The pizzeria was opened in 2014, to fill a void left by the lack of true New York pizza in their lives.


May as well give your appetite a warmup before you dig into one of Antonio’s famous pies. Try one of their garlic breads or get some garlic knots. For greener fare, go for one of their salads. Or try their jumbo chicken wings, cooked at more than 700 degrees rather than being fried. And there’s a selection of sauces to pair with your wings, from mild to hot. Just be careful with the black eye barbeque sauce – it’s a blend of sweet barbeque sauce and ghost pepper sauce.


You don’t walk into a pizzeria just for the appetizers, after all. You could go basic with the cheesy New York thin crust or the New York Sicilian, with additional charges for toppings. Perhaps you might try a Neapolitan pizza with a max of two toppings, for a lighter experience. Or for something meaty and unique, get the chicken wing pizza. For those who still crave more garlic after having their garlic bread, you might want to try the white garlic pie. The pizza pies come in a variety of sizes, although not all sizes are available for all pizzas. The smallest is the 10-inch personal pizza. As for the largest, well…

Mega Pies

Need to feed a lot of people or simply want to challenge yourself? Antonio’s Real New York Pizza offers what it calls “Mega Pies,” which are noteworthy enough that in the restaurant’s third year of operation Antonio was asked to show other pizzeria owners how to prepare huge pies.

There’s the Mega Don, a 26-inch thin-crust cheese pizza. The Mega Don is equal to two 18-inch pizzas and starts at $29.99, plus additional charges for any toppings. Prices for toppings start at $2 for vegetables and $5 for meats. If you order it to go, it will be an additional $3 for the box.

Then there’s the monstrously sized “Tony 3 Feet” which, as the name implies, is a whopping 36 inches across, the equal of four 18-inch pies. The pizza is $72 with a separate charge for toppings, starting at $4 for vegetables and $10 for meats. It is available only for those dining in. In the restaurant’s own words, “Fuhgeddaboutit, you’re not ready.”

Antonio’s Real New York Pizza Location and Hours

You’ll find the main Antonio’s Real New York Pizza at 1560 Big Thompson Avenue, open every day from noon to 8:30 p.m.

Booking Your Stay

You can take your pizza back to your cabin in Mountain Village at Lake Estes to eat in comfort, with a beautiful view of the lake and mountains. Get started booking your cabin retreat by contacting us today!