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Trail Ridge Road

If you’re looking to embark on an alpine adventure with epic views, all from the comfort of your vehicle, then the journey up Trail Ridge Road is not to be missed! Constructed in 1931, the road spans over 48 miles from the east to the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, reaching an elevation of 12,183 feet at the highest point, spanning across vastly different landscapes, from the forests to the windswept tundra. It’s a scenic journey unlike any other and is a must-do if you’re visiting Estes Park and the season permits it!

A Scenic Wonder Road of the World

That’s exactly what Rocky Mountain News called Trail Ridge Road when it first opened, and it still rings true to this day. Gaining thousands of feet of elevation in mere minutes, you get to observe a variety of plant life, from swathes of aspen trees to abundant forests of fir and pine. Eleven miles of the road traverse the wind-battered alpine tundra, where the trees give way to vast open spaces and wildlife sightings such as Bighorn Sheep are common. When journeying along the road at lower elevations, you will find lush mountain meadows, forested peaks, and a variety of wildlife, from birds to rarer sights like moose and elk. There are several scenic pullovers along the way, so take at least half a day for your Rocky Mountain National Park Trail Ridge Road adventure!

Know Before You Go

As Trail Ridge Road is a high-alpine road, you’ll find that it’s not accessible in its entirety year-round. Summer is the perfect time to go exploring, as you can drive the road to its highest point, and even from the east end to the west end of the park if you’re looking for a lengthy adventure. Rocky Mountain National Park Trail Ridge Road is traditionally open through the end of May through October, before shutting down for winter as the conditions are too hazardous for vehicles to be on the road. As weather in the Rockies can change swiftly and without warning, it’s always a good idea to check current conditions before heading out by calling the 24/7 recorded status line for Trail Ridge Road at 970-586-1222, which has the most up-to-date information.

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