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Top Halloween Events in Estes Park

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Halloween is a special event meant to celebrate death and rebirth. To the younger ones, it doesn’t go beyond the costumes and those pumpkin competitions you can offer in the backyard. But what about trying out something different this coming Halloween season. Instead of sticking to your backyard, a trip to the mountain town of Estes Park would be a better alternative. It is a scenic destination complete with spooky spots perfect for this occasion. Here are the top Halloween events in Estes Park this coming fall.

Halloween Theme Paint-n-Sip

Halloween in Colorado starts early this year. Happening on the 4th of October, the Halloween Theme Paint-n-Sip is one event that can’t miss out of your Estes Park itinerary. It is an evening of massive creativity and lots of fun. It is in such events where you let your artistic side shine as you sip your favorite brew. This event respects all levels of art. Whether you are a beginner or you are an expert level artist, you are in the perfect setting to sharpen your skills. It won’t be long before you start creating those spooky Halloween-themed drawings. You are free to take your art creations home for your Halloween décor.

The Halloween Eye Ball

Happening on Saturday, October 21st, the Halloween Eye Ball marks its 10th anniversary in Colorado. In short, it has been 10 years of spooky and entertaining fun with a noble course at the end. As the name of the event suggests, its sole intention is to provide both financial and emotional support to the visually impaired. Being out there in the wild embracing your spooky traits while still helping those in need should give you more reason to book that direct flight to Estes Park. The event’s signature cocktail is among the things you don’t want to miss.

Halloween Silent Disco

Saturday, October 21st seems to be the highlight of the Halloween season in Estes Park. Even the Halloween Silent Disco is happening on this same date. This event is one of a kind and it is among the family-friendly parties you can attend during the period. Everyone who makes their way to the venue has a set of headphones over their ears. Watching people dance to their favorite tunes with no noise come from the venue is one of these spooky encounters you need for your Halloween celebration this year.

The Shining Ball

If you are looking for an actual Halloween Estes Park event, The Shining Ball is the place to be. Again, it is October 21st. It is a day with lots of fun, including a unique dining experience. The event starts at eight in the evening all the way to eleven. Throughout this time, you will be treated to epic performances from classic Shining Ball characters as you dance to your favorite tunes. Also, there are elements of haunting ghosts and Halloween costumes, as well as creepy creatures.

Halloween at the Stanley

The Stanley has a Halloween reputation that dates back to the past century. This year, there is a special Halloween celebration in the same venue between the 27th and 31st of October. It is a weekend that will trigger your imagination. Here, reality barely exists. It is a world of illusions, a necessary ingredient for the Halloween season. The celebration this year is about magicians and watching them do their craft. If you ever wondered how real some of these things are, the historic Stanley Hotel invites you for firsthand experience.

Downtown Halloween Celebration

Dubbed the main event of the Halloween season in Estes Park, this celebration comes closer to home on the 31st of October. It is more of a street-style celebration which sees the iconic Elkhorn Ave literally shut down. It is one of these days when the community comes out to create memories together. It is an all-age event, which sees all manner of costumes displayed. At one end of the street there is a haunted ambulance with displays that make your Halloween trip to Estes Park worth it. In short, it is a frighteningly good street celebration.

Book Your Estes Park Halloween Cabins

The haunting Halloween experience out there in the Halloween events in Estes Park doesn’t have to be transferred directly to your holiday rental. Instead, you need to be in a comfortable space away from the chaos of the outside. With us is a set of luxurious cabins that can make good homes for your holiday experience out here in the mountains. These cabins are furnished with high-end amenities all aimed at enhancing your stay in Colorado. From a fully equipped kitchen for your meals to two master bedroom suites, these cabins are the best description of vacationing in luxury. Better still, these properties have a private Jacuzzi allowing you to take a dip after a long day of spooky creatures. Call us today for more information about our Halloween cabins in Estes Park.