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Top Estes Park Winter Events

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Colorado is a state of multiple events, with the winter season being the highlight of it all. Being the gateway to the iconic Rocky Mountain National Park, it is a small, charming town with big adventures. From ice skating and skiing for the adults to throwing ice balls for kids, winter holidays in Estes Park are more of adventures than events. Here are the leading Estes Park winter events and adventures for 2024.

Rocky Mountain National Park Tour

Visiting national parks is nothing new. However, the experience that comes with doing it during the winter season is something else. From hiking the mountains by foot to boarding a 4×4 vehicle, you need first-hand experience on this. Elks and deer are not hard to come by even under such icy conditions.

Wine & Chocolate Festival

If you consider yourself a chocolate lover, this is one event you cannot miss. The Wine and Chocolate Estes Park Winter Festival happening in early February is a stroke of marketing genius from Estes Park. It is a weekend where the leading wineries in the area display their best bottles for tasting. The finest chocolatiers too have their day in the park.

Whisky Warm Up

Happening on Saturday the 2nd of March 2024, Whisky Warm Up is an adult-only event that will be held at the George Hix Riverside Plaza. It is a celebration of homegrown whisky distilleries in the area. It is an event of limited tickets, and you must be 21 years and above to attend. It is a weekend of dancing to your favorite tunes as you sip the best drinks of what Colorado has to offer.


Estes Park can best be defined as the perfect skiing destination. First, it is a mountain town with multiple resorts offering this sport. Even when the cost in the resorts is too high, you can have makeshift slides in the town’s multiple slopes. Besides skiing, Estes Park is also a good spot for snow biking. Away from the snowing conditions, you may as well book a swimming session in any of the indoor parks in the town.

Luxurious Cabins by the Mountain

A successful winter adventure in Estes Park has a lot more than just the colorful events you will grace. An important aspect of your winter experience in the town that you can’t ignore is the quality of holiday rentals you settle for. With the prevailing weather conditions, you will need proprieties with existing heating mechanisms and that’s what our cabins are built for. Contact us today to book a place to stay as you enjoy any of these Estes Park winter events.

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