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Mustang Mountain Coaster

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Located in Colorado’s Estes Park, the Mustang Mountain Coaster is a thrilling ride from Denver that’s popular for exhilarating fun. Since opening doors in May 2021, this alpine coaster ride has gained a huge following with fans flocking to it all year round. It is a whopping 623 meters of fun and thrills. Are you new to these kinds of adventures? Here’s why the Mustang Mountain Coaster tops the to-do list in Colorado’s wild.

More Than Just a Ride

The Mustang Mountain Coaster Estes is more than just a ride. It is a scenic drive that allows you to explore a reasonable section of Colorado’s wild. Sections of the 2043 feet ride pass through a forested area that gives you incredible views of nature. Wildlife is not hard to see in the area. From the comfort of your seat, you can see some creatures roaming around but they are not a threat to your safety. The coaster seats at a higher elevation which also improves your viewing angle and distance.

Safety at Its Best

The Mustang Mountain Coaster Estes is built with issues of safety at heart. Being a modern-day alpine coaster ride, you can only imagine the time and detail involved in its assembly. While the 25 miles per hour top speed of the coaster seems too high, the ride is one of the safest. The speeds are controlled, and they only go to the top end when it is really necessary. Even with its automatic navigation and speed, riders still have control. The braking pedal on one side helps you reduce the speed to match your desires. Also, there are sensors that ensure you don’t get too close to the person next to you.

The Fun and Thrill Are Worth It All

The Mustang Mountain Coaster brings you four minutes of real excitement. From its epic top speeds to the 360-degree loops, there is never a dull moment throughout the ride. The instant drops and turns also keep you alert as you contemplate the next maneuver. Going past the wild’s thick bushes at top speed with your family by your side is an exciting experience to long for in Colorado’s Estes Park. Call (970) 672-1829 for more information.

Book Your Estes Park Adventure

It’s no longer a secret that Colorado offers a wide range of entertainment options for your family to explore. From outdoor adventure to indoor thrills, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Even then, you will need a comfortable place to call home during your adventure. Contact us today to book your stay in Estes Park!