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Mountain Blown Glass

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When you leave Estes Park after a relaxing stay with us, you’ll want to bring back a one-of-a-kind souvenir. And the studio and gallery of Mountain Blown Glass are more than able to provide you with one, with a selection of colorfully marbled handblown glass pieces such as bowls, vases, candy dishes, oil lamps, ornaments, paperweights, sun catchers, marbles, and more.

History of Mountain Blown Glass

Mountain Blown Glass began life in the early 2000s, as a private studio set up in a detached garage. At first the studio roamed across Colorado and other nearby states, doing business at arts and crafts festivals. A few years later and Mountain Blown Glass Estes Park settled and planted itself here in Estes Park as a family-owned business.

See Creation in Action

If you’re curious about the process behind the shop’s handblown glass pieces, you can watch a live demonstration and see the gallery’s artists in action. It’s completely free and you’ll see the journey a blob of molten glass takes to become one of the shop’s custom pieces. There are no set times for the demonstrations, as they vary by day and depend upon what stock needs to be replenished. And there’s a 10- to 15-minute cooldown time between demonstrations, to allow artists a chance to rest and for new pipes to be heated.

Two men handling molten glass Glass arts made by an Estes Park glassblower

Pieces for a Special Occasion

Mountain Blown Glass in Estes Park offers two distinct services to help you remember some of the most important moments with your loved ones. There’s the wedding piece service, where couples can select colored glass chips to mix together to be used in a custom glass piece, to symbolize their unity. And there’s the memory glass service, where the studio will take the remains of a loved one (be they a human or a beloved pet) and incorporate them into select glass pieces that range from $35 to $55. Reach out to the gallery by phone or by email for more details on both of these services.

Location and Hours

This gallery of glass can be found at 101-A West Elkhorn Avenue. Call ahead at (970)-577-0880 for the gallery’s hours.

Take a Glass Piece Back Here

Bring your pieces back to your cabin and let the light from our cabin’s floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate your chosen creation. The beauty of our surroundings can only enhance the beauty of your souvenir piece. Contact us today and we can get a jump on booking your cabin getaway with us at Mountain Village at Lake Estes today!

Rentals for All Occasions!