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Backbone Adventure Snowmobiling

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Winter brings massive snowfall, creating the ideal conditions for unique outdoor activities. This year, beat the chilly gloom and enjoy a thrilling winter escape to the scenic town of Estes Park in beautiful Colorado. As the mercury drops and the skies turn gray, the ice and snow transform Estes Park into a frosty wonderland full of awe and adventure. Here’s what makes this Colorado gem such a wintertime favorite, and why you should go to Backbone Adventures.

Snowmobile Rides

Snowmobiles provide an excellent means to move around as you explore the powdery white outdoors. If you’re looking for the best snowmobile rentals in Estes Park, turn to Backbone Adventures for quality machinery. Enjoy half-day and full-day rentals with access to multiple trails, including private and public routes. Rent a Suburban to transport your snowmobiles out to the open, or use the complimentary trailer for the job. Backbone Adventures provide helmets and gas cans as part of the package, ensuring your safety and saving you the hassle of carrying your own. Rent a snowsuit for your adventure, or pack your ski gear, including gloves, goggles, snow pants, and a jacket. Company rules dictate that all riders must be at least 16 years old, with renters at least 21. Backbone Adventures opens from 8 AM to 4 PM during winter, giving you ample time to head out and zoom around the snowy Estes Park landscape.


After the snow packs the ground, the hope of hitting the trails seems all but gone. Thankfully, snowshoeing allows you to indulge in a scenic hike and explore areas that may otherwise have crowds during summer. Kent Mountain Adventure is the best go-to for epic snowshoeing tours in Estes Park. They aim to deliver fun and safe adventures via experienced guides who use their knowledge and experience to take you on a scenic hike across the terrain. If you’re a beginner, set out on a thrilling, four-hour adventure as you get a taste of what snowshoeing is all about. The full-day excursion best suits seasoned hikers and takes you into the deeper parts of Rocky Mountain National Park, giving you access to frozen waterfalls, peaks, and icy lakes. The outings include snowshoes, a pole, and boots if needed. Before heading out, remember to carry essentials, including an insulated jacket, gloves, a warm hat that covers your ears, snow pants, and ski socks.

Ice Skating

With its lakes frozen solid, Estes Park offers sublime ice skating thrills, perfect for kids and adults. YMCA of the Rockies offers excellent ice skating adventures at the Dorsey Pond near the Beaver Meadows entrance. The pond opens from Sunday to Thursday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM and from 8 AM to 9 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Feel free to carry your skates or get rentals at the Sweet Memorial Program Building. Dorsey Pond remains open to the public, but you’ll have to pay a daily fee for a day pass if you’re a visitor or lack a YMCA membership. One of the best parts is kids under six get to skate for free. There’s also the option of skating on the Upper Cookout Shelter, which features a covered pavilion, offering protection from the elements.

Tour Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter transforms the Rocky Mountain National Park into an icy wonderland with various unique attractions. As the roads freeze over, they provide access to numerous wildlife species to crisscross back and forth uninterrupted by traffic. At this time of the year, you can easily spot coyotes, mule deer, snowshoe hares, and ptarmigan, with more moose populations along the Colorado River. If you’re a bird enthusiast, look out for Jays and Clark’s nutcrackers that appear more during the colder months. If you love sledding, head to Hidden Valley, seven miles from Beaver Meadows, and hit the slopes as you descend gently. You may carry your plastic sled or rent one at an outdoor shop within Estes Park. For an epic experience across the snow, head on a cross-country skiing adventure and take in the picturesque snow-covered landscape.

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