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Alberta Falls

If you’d like to lay your eyes on a genuine Rocky Mountain waterfall, then make the scenic hike out to Alberta Falls, a gorgeous alpine waterfall that will take your breath away! This is a popular spot on Bear Lake Road, where summer visitors seek out recreational activities around the lake and forest. The Alberta Falls trail to the waterfall is only 1.7 miles with 200 feet in elevation gain, making the journey challenging but manageable for outdoor adventurers of all skill levels.

Journey to the Alberta Falls Trail

You can find the start of the trail at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead, which can be accessed about 8 miles after the turn off at Highway 36 onto Bear Lake Road. Tourist season has been known to be a popular time, so you could even consider taking the free park shuttle to the trailhead to save yourself the hassle of competing for a parking spot! If you’d like to swing by Bear Lake first, you can always begin your hike to the falls at the Bear Lake Trailhead, although that will add about a mile to the total trip—but we say it’s worth it to take in the glory of Bear Lake, whatever the season!

An Epic Rocky Mountain Waterfall

Alberta Falls cascades down 30 feet into a gorge on Glacier Creek, creating a grand spectacle that only Mother Nature can put on. To get there, the trail will cross paths with the Glacier Creek Trail for a brief time, then the trails will split, one toward Bear Lake and the other toward the falls. Admire the swath of aspens among the pines as you journey toward your destination—the changing colors make this a gorgeous hike in the fall, and an enchanting Alberta Falls trail in the summer. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be treated to spectacular views. Bring along a picnic lunch as a reward for yourself, as this is a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the scenery—but be sure to avoid feeding any curious wildlife, as its against park rules and can be harmful to them long-term. Avid hikers can continue to Mills Lake or The Loch, a fantastic subalpine lake.

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