We seriously believe that there are two types of travelers in this world; those that prefer the serenity of a water vacation at a beach or a lake and those that crave the majestic delights found in a mountain getaway. If you fall into the latter category, chances are you have already clicked the book now on your favorite Mountain Village at Lake Estes holiday hideaway and are currently making plans for an Estes Park Memorial Day weekend filled with fun, excitement, and all-American holiday activities. But on the off chance that your fingers are still hovering over those buttons, and the choice of destinations has not quite cemented in your brain, this guide to a fun-filled stay in Estes Park will serve as the gentle nudge you need to make Memorial Day 2022 one of the best long weekends you have ever enjoyed! Oh, and for you water babies out there, Bear Lake provides everything your aqua loving soul could desire, which can be the balm a divided family (mountains versus water!) needs!

Where the Fish Bite

The kickoff to summer fun usually begins with the Memorial Day weekend and nothing yells summer louder than a day spent with pole in hand on the banks of the Big Thompson River! Home to a variety of species of fish including rainbow and brown trout and running through the scenically beautiful Moraine Park, fishing licenses are required for anglers 16 and older. The best places to fish on the Big Thompson are up stream amidst the trails and streams that feed into the river and in the eternal debate between water and mountains, the ones who prefer the mountains can hike while the water lovers sit and contemplate life’s mysteries from the other end of the pole!

A Long Walk on a Beautiful Day

As the temperatures begin to rise and the snow melts away, we can’t wait to get outside and savor the beauty of the new season and hiking is a popular way to do so. Many trails run through Estes Park, bringing new definitions to what beauty means to everyone who hikes along them. For beginning hikers, wide and flat trail that leads visitors around Lily Lake provides incredible views of the mountains that surround our town and because there is no elevation gain, even those who need wheelchairs can participate in the hike! Intermediate hikers (and those without mobility issues) will appreciate the charms and challenges of the Homestead Meadows and Moose Meadows Loop. Offering a slight gain in elevation and providing 6.6 miles of pure Colorado idyllic beauty, added thrills can be experienced at the sight of equestrians and their horses who also appreciate the wonders of the trail. Feeling especially brave on this Memorial day weekend in paradise? The Sky Pond hike is only 2 plus miles longer than the Meadows one, but the elevation gain will have you questioning what you got yourselves into! Climbing nearly 3000 feet into the clouds, it can take up to 4 or more hours to complete, but the views of the lakes and the mountains will make every bit of your effort worth it! Pro tip: Carry binoculars with you as you hike, so when you need to stop and catch your breath it will appear as if you are merely wildlife watching!

All this Exercise is Making Us Hungry

The fresh, clean air and the plethora of outdoor activities will ensure that you will spend this holiday always thinking about your next meal and because Memorial Day is often all about the barbecue, we are about to let you in on a local secret. Lady Bug Barbecue, located at 840 Moraine Avenue is where we all go when in search of authentic Texas style barbecue. Every state has their own preference and although we love the taste of Kansas style BBQ, we are loyal to the Southwest and the most amazing ribs you will ever enjoy in this lifetime! Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ & Brew, 820 Moraine Avenue, is another popular joint that will please your palate as you commemorate all who have sacrificed everything so we could enjoy the freedoms not all countries offer!

Holiday Hideaways for your Comfort and Enjoyment

As you grill your favorite meats on provided barbecues, simmer in private hot tubs under a dark sky, and relax in comfort and style in our Mountain Village at Lake Estes holiday hideaways, you will, at some quiet moment during your stay, discover that you hit the Memorial Day jackpot when you chose Estes Lake for your getaway. Our homes are designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience and the comfort, style, and relaxation they each provide will make you feel right at home! Reserve your favorite today!