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Dunraven at Estes Park Resort

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Dunraven is one of Estes Park’s top restaurants offering travelers a wide range of services. The restaurant can accommodate wedding receptions, dinners for two, or even a large group. If you’re planning to visit the fabled Rockies in Colorado, then a stop at Estes Park is necessary. This Colorado mountain town features numerous restaurants and stores for tourists to shop and dine. Amidst these impressive eateries, Dunraven at the Estes Park Resort stands out from the rest. Such uniqueness stems from the excellent cuisine served in the establishment and the added amenities such as meeting rooms. Here’s more on what you can expect when dining at Dunraven.

Unmatched Vistas

Dunraven Estes Park Resort lies on the shores of Lake Estes, a few miles from the Rocky Mountain National Park. Given its location, the restaurant offers striking views of the lake and the surrounding mountainous region. You can enjoy these views by dining alfresco in the restaurant’s outdoor seating area. For those visiting Estes Park for a memorable event, enjoy this outdoor dining as you create memories and photo ops.

Culinary Brilliance

The cuisines served in Dunraven feature tasty surf and turf selections and Italian delicacies. The Executive Chef uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients and flavors to prepare these sumptuous meals. Besides incorporating flavorful ingredients and condiments, the chef’s menu features a collection of different European tastes spread out evenly on all the day’s meals. You can enjoy a grilled eggplant pesto for breakfast and a Dunraven Estes Park Resort cheeseburger for lunch. Since the servings are large, all it takes to enjoy the food is an insatiable appetite for scintillating meals.

The restaurant is at 1700 Colorado Peaks Drive and it opens every day of the week, all year long, from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. You can make reservations either online or by calling (970) 586-6409. For toll free reservations, you can reach out the establishment through (855) 377-3778. A knowledgeable and hospitable staff will be on the other end of the line to help you make a reservation. Another feature that makes the restaurant notable is the availability of a kids’ menu. Such a kid-friendly set-up makes the eatery perfect for families too. You can tag your little one for a toasted focaccia perfectly mixed with bacon, tomato, lettuce, and mozzarella.

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Dunraven at the Estes Park Resort promises a tasty cuisine that always wows travelers and locals. This culinary brilliance best enjoyed when viewing the striking vistas of Lake Estes and its environs, leaves a memorable mark to visitors. To make your Getaway more eventful, you can stay on one of our remarkable vacation rentals. Contact us today to book one of our fantastic vacation homes.