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Estes Park Holiday Rentals

The word holiday can either signify a specific traditional event or any part of the year in which we leave behind our regular day-to-day duties and seek rest and relaxation. Moreover, when most people take a vacation or holiday, it is usually in the company of family and friends. Fortunately, if you are seeking to actually escape for one of the typical seasonal holidays such as Spring Break, Fourth of July, or during the winter holidays, Mountain Village at Lake Estes provides luxury accommodations that cater to each guest’s need and demand.

Spring & Summer Holidays

Since our vacation cabin rentals near Estes Park, CO have a prime location on the shores of Lake Estes, whether our guests arrive in the winter or summer, the magnificent lake always shimmers as the light changes in the mountains. In the spring, while other vacationers hit the beach, our cabins provide the perfect destination to enjoy the brisk Colorado air and explore the bright green foliage bursting forth from its winter slumber. The summer brings the Fourth of July holiday, Memorial Day and the fact that temperatures are warmer and conducive for a vacation. Once again, the cabins at Mountain Village will supply everything you need, from extra sleeping accommodations and state-of-the-art kitchens to washer/dryer and much more.

Home for the Holidays

During the colder months, Estes Park transforms into a winter wonderland with snow that blankets the ground as well as the mountains beyond. Of course, there are many holidays from November until the end of February, some of which include Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve, just to name a few. Our two-bedroom cabins can accommodate up to eight guests comfortably, so when visiting with your group of friends and family, everyone can celebrate the holidays in style!

Everything Estes

Estes Park has events and happenings throughout the year, and during any holiday period, visitors and locals usually crowd together in the pubs, restaurants, mountainsides, trails, and everywhere else in between. Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the holiday season and there is still something going on any day of the week. From farmers’ markets to local live music, this diminutive town with a population that barely exceeds 7,000 folks truly knows how to celebrate. Add one of our luxurious vacation cabin rentals near Estes Park, CO as the starting point for all of your Colorado adventures and you have the accommodation centerpiece to celebrate any holiday on the calendar.